Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tricked ya! Kidney infection put a little damper on the mood

It’s March 23, 2009 right now, 2 in the morning, and if I didn’t contract a quick kidney infection this past week, I’d be leaving for my flight to Panama in less than two hours. It’s interesting the little things life throws at you quickly. I’ve had some things recently, since I’ve been home been thrown my way which kind of steer some of my Panama plans in other directions.
To start off in my explanation of that, the reason I am not leaving today for Panama is that after going to the doctor late Thursday afternoon with a very high temperature, severe shaking (almost seizure like), and intense side/back pain, I found out that I have a kidney infection. I was not thrilled with this news but maintained composure to the best I could. The Doc said that I wouldn’t be able to travel for at least ten days because the antibiotics that he prescribed weren’t one hundred percent going to cure it and if I’m still sick after a week or so I would have to be admitted to the hospital for some good ol’ IV drugs. Yippie! Well, Thank god today, Sunday night/Monday morning I finally feel like my head is back on straight, I’m not in pain, and I’m getting back to normal.
I called Copa Air yesterday to tell them that I wouldn’t be able to make the flight and asked when the next available ticket would be, just out of curiosity and the woman said not until April 7th! I was so surprised that they are booked so much! I was hoping for April 2nd or so but no, I had no choice and went ahead with that. So now my itinerary to stay in Panama is from April 7th until June 22nd. It’s going to be amazing to come back in June because both my brothers will be home! As my mom put it tonight, It’s going to be Christmas in June! : ) I thought that was cute. But it is very true. I think family being together is the most special thing you can have and it has been way too long that we have all been together in person. Our skype holiday conferences are pretty awesome though, I do admit. So anyway, I am pretty happy about that.
Another great thing that happened over break is that a very close friend of mine, in a similar situation is going to come with me and take on the Spanish language. He has been looking for jobs for a few months and with the job market here in the states it’s not a bad time to take a few months, travel, learn another language, and see what opportunities are out there abroad. I’m on cloud nine at this point. I know he’s a great traveler and smart so we’re going to have a great time exploring and learning together.
Well, I just wanted to give a quick update. I hope everyone is enjoying a bit of spring. I didn’t think I was going to get to but now I am so yay, a little bit of allergies before I hit the tropics. I will most definitely give updates along the way. Ciao from the girl on the road to recovery! : ) Mara