Sunday, February 21, 2010

One after the other

It boggles my mind that with such a small community of expats in Panama, there are SOOOOOO many parties. I absolutely love getting invitations and hate turning them down. I have never have I had to turn down so many events in my life since I've moved here. I mean, there's literally something to do every single evening while living in the Casco. It's sort of a love hate relationship with the invites because we can't go to these wild parties and actually work the next day. We've promised ourselves that we are only going to go out one night a week and for the most part have lived up to that.

Our one night out this past week was a Surprise Birthday party for our new friend Julian. It was a fantastic event at Callejon del Gato with food, drinking and dancing! : )

We'll be going to Casco Viejo's first Art Walk this Thursday! Super Pumped! Pictures for that will be next week! Ciao

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year, Valentines day/Carnival all celebrated Sunday, February 14th at our friend Matt Landau's apartment 2 blocks away in Casco Viejo. We spent the early morning going to the veggie market with our neighbors, then to the pool at the Miramar, then to the BBQ/Party. It was such a festive event with Bright feathered masks, tons of alcohol, and a bit of tasty treats.

Life is pretty spectacular. It's hard at times but I couldn't really ask for anything better! : )

I think I'll get back into blogging. Maybe just some short things every now and then..... Until then, Ciao!