Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time goes by…


I haven’t been very good with posting new blogs since we’ve been working on our business.  It’s not because life has been lacking interesting encounters or beautiful scenery, we’ve had our share of both, but it’s because time has changed from day to day.  Time was once that part of our lives that was abundant and plenty and now, we get up every morning at 6am and find ourselves at midnight still working on something wondering where all that precious valuable time went. 

Panama July 2009 099

With each day, we become one step further in setting up our business.  Our website is up,, our website video is completed, as well as our first video.  The HDR photography that Justin has taken of the property is absolutely stunning and we currently have two properties on deck this coming week to complete.  Within one month we’ve set all this up and have taken off to what hopefully will be a successful HD Real Estate Video Tour Company for Panama.  At 23 years old and Justin at 24 this is something we are very proud of.  I’m not going to lie, it scares the bejesus out of me but the confidence I have in the both of us as a team to do this and do it well is incredible. 

Isla Grande 024

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  1. Nobody works as hard as you, so you will do great. Just cause you're young should't make you nervous. Think about Bill Gates and other young start ups, inventors, and entrepenuers. Your passion and talents will inspire. Hopefully, those in the know, and those who havent experienced the downturn in the markets will seize this opportunity with you to expand and work for increased business through your talents and professional contributions.