Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stay Positive, especially when you are tired!

Positive things…

1. Panama Lens

2. Being in love with my amazing boyfriend

3. Having a supportive and loving family

4. Living in Casco Viejo

5. Living in a country full of expats & entrepreneurs

6. Living in a beautiful country

7. Feeling a sense of accomplishment at 23…. : )

Tomorrow I am headed to Bocas Del Toro with my parents, brother, and Justin. This month has been thus far Panama Len’s most busy and successful. Though we haven’t seen it through monetary ways, the future is looking great. We’ve taken on some larger projects that are very interesting, and much more difficult in terms of time, and knowledge.

Justin has turned on his computer learning skills full fledge teaching himself new google earth map tricks, animated 3D logo techniques, as well as mastered the steadicam to become a lot more artistic with filming.

I have really enjoyed researching the details for all the new projects and writing out the scripts. I’ve also been tested in working on my voice for different types of videos (the Royal Casino Poker Room Video), and have gotten better at losing some of those nerves I get when others besides Justin are in the room when I am doing my on camera. With each video we produce we evolve a little more. I’m getting better with memorizing my lines, being on camera in front of a crowd, and Justin is definitely becoming an artistic video director, editor, producer, and photographer.

These next three days in Bocas will hopefully be a chance to take a much needed break from working. When you start a business there seems that there is always something to do. It’s amazing how little free time we have. Thank god we have eachother and can goof around from time to time because if not we’d go insane. With the little accomplished we have day to day, the work and time pays off. We’re hoping that all this work we’ve been putting into these larger video projects will pay off in monetary terms and possibly create for us a wonderful, more comfortable living…until then, we’re keeping it classy in the simple life. : )

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  1. Sometimes when a little time passes, and so many things happen, it's hard to catch up mentally of where you are and where you went and where you are going. I'm kind of stuck in a time warp too. oxoxM