Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clase de Espanol

We're into a few days now of our language classes. In our beginner class we have Justin, Me, this girl Elisa from Newport, Rhode Island and this guy Koos from The Netherlands. It's a really unique school being half a block from the beach and all outdoor classrooms. We sit in our classroom named the Solarte, have a fan blowing full blast onto us while we go through our ejercicios y vocabulario. It's quite a nice tropical set up. Our main professor is named Melina. She's from Canada but her Spanish is fluent and look is very Costa Rican (She rocks some sweet dread locks and is tatted up quite nicely). She is also in charge of running the school and organizing the activities. Unfortunately, Justin and I are on a pretty strict budget and most of those activities are a bit out of our daily spending. Monday (Butterfly Gardens), Tuesday (Scuba diving Certification Course $225), Wednesday (Panamanian cooking class $10), Thursday (Salsa dance lessons $5), Friday (BBQ-Free drinks but bring your own food), Saturday (All day Catamaran Tour $33), and Sunday (Local beach clean up). Of all seven activities I think we're going to only do the BBQ on Friday since we can bring our own food as well as the beach clean up on Sunday because that is the beach we've been to most and actually were talking about how we should organize a clean up.
Even though we're not going to do much of the organized activities we're filling our day each day with so much to do. Spanish all morning, internet, lunch, some sort of outdoor activity, buy food for dinner, cook and hang, study and homework, then either reading or a movie before bed. It's so weird how you can be on a Carribbean Island where most people get lost in doing nothing or drinking beer all day and feel like you wish you had more time in the day. Each day is LONG, yes, but I have to say I enjoy it so much and LOVE waking up in the morning. Also knowing I have SO MUCH to learn is something that gives me anxiety. I wish that this damn vocabulary was just ingrained in my brain and I just need a little sprucing up but that definitely isn't the case. I have so much to learn and I think Justin and I know this is going to be a process. We're helping eachother out and luckily we haven't gotten on eachother's nerves yet for anything. I think we are on the same page with making the most of our time here in Panama as well as with taking courses.
With that said, I know it won't be impossible and once we leave Bocas after a month it will be good for us to move to a smaller town that is less touristy. I am thinking a homestay is going to be necessary after this. Ideas Ideas Ideas, we shall see. I'll keep this update short and sweet. Next blog I will explain more about our adventures and lifestyle. We're off this afternoon to the Botanical Gardens with the couple we hung out with in Panama City. Ciao for now....Mara

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