Monday, April 27, 2009

Island Hopping and Funny Money

April Panama 129I'm not sure what my reasoning for not writing very often is.  I guess I could try to make up some excuse like I am super busy saving the world but that isn't exactly the case.  It's not the other way around either though, which I'm sure my parents are pretty happy to know.  On this small island there are many temptations to go out every night with beautiful beach island bars having really cheap specials.  With that said, Justin and I have only been out twice in the two and a half weeks we've been here in Bocas del Toro.  We’ve taken our Spanish class very seriously and have realized that we work really well together in a school setting.  Also, since money is VERY tight, paying for language school is not something taken lightly and showing up to class with our brains not fully functioning is not in the cards.

Two weeks went by quickly and we really loved our experience at Spanish by the Sea.  The set up is great, the teachers are really cool, and we feel very welcome there all the time just hanging out with everyone and getting to know the other students and teachers at the BBQ’s and such.

This week I’ve decided to cut back on a bit of my class time and take one hour a day of private lessons.  In the past two weeks we covered SO MUCH material that I feel like some self study and one on one practice will be more beneficial to me than continue with a group setting where you can’t spend as much time needed on certain subjects that don’t come as quickly to you.  I start today with my teacher Adrian.  He’s very energetic, fun, and very good at getting you into learning.  He’s from Costa Rica and doesn’t miss a chance to mention anything about the Costa Rican culture……Pura Vida!  : )  Anyhow, I’m excited to try private classes because I think the dynamics of learning the language will be a lot more intense.  Justin is taking off of classes this week to catch up on the grammar and vocabulary.  He’s doing self study with all the material we received. 

After two weeks of living on a very tight budget, not going out to eat ever or going on any of the boat tours of the islands, we’ve (meaning me ) have become a little frustrated since Bocas is most famous for their restaurants and beautiful islands.  Justin knows the owners of Mondo Taitu here on the island because they are the same owners of Luna’s Castle in Panama City, where he stayed for 3 weeks a few months ago.  They are three very cool guys from the San Francisco area.  We’ve taken on a part time job there promoting their bar a few days a week.  It’s fun and only a few hours a day four days a week.  It’s a very chill place so I find it nice where I don’t have to grill anyone about coming to the party.  Pretty much a lot of people end up there anyhow since it’s one the the most well known bars on the island.  We use this money to buy food and sometimes use it for our fun money to go out and do things like the boat tour we just did this past Saturday.


  April Panama 124


We had such a great time going out all day island hopping spotting Dolphins in Dolphin Bay, playing around on Red Frog Beach, as well as Snorkeling around the reefs on Isle Solarte with beautiful Coral and some stinging jelly fish.  We had two characters on our boat joining us as well.  Jesse and Jason, who are wild Canadian guys traveling around together added some hilarious entertainment.  

So far promoting is going well, school is going well, and Bocas is still the life.  I guess I’m still not much in the blogging mood because I have so much to catch up on but I thought I’d just put a little something up.  Maybe I’ll feel inspired sometime soon.  I have to go study.  Sorry to cut it short.  I miss everyone!  : )   

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