Monday, May 25, 2009


                      May Panama 211

             One thing I really like about Panama is its uniqueness.  It's such a small country with variety of all sorts.  There is a variety in people, land, wealth, fashion, food, etc.  In the city you can see the variety everywhere you go.  For example, the huge high rise penthouses literally next to a slummy neighborhood existing today.  It's a wonder when those poorer hoods are going to be bought up by some rich companies to build the next tallest skyscraper in Latin America.  Or with the look of the would never really say to someone, oh, you look Panamanian because that look could be White, Black, Moreno, Chinese, anything really.  Or wealth here in Panama....Justin and I are staying in Paitilla, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in all of Panama and we literally walk around and feel like the poor folk getting passed by Porsches, Jags, and for the most part Range Rovers that speed by in Punta Pacifica.  Fashion, ah, this is a fun one....Justin and I like to notice the women here, mostly the common women, not really the wealthy ones like to wear clothes that look like that have to literally squeeze their enormous butt and waist into pants about 4 times too small.  I don't know, obviously aesthetically it looks ridiculous but comfort wise???  OMG, I'd die.  I think the term camel toe might possibly have been invented, ok, I am being incredibly harsh.  Some women, especially walking around Paitilla and Multiplaza mall have amazing taste in fashion and style but I really think they probably fly on their private jet to Italy and New York every few months for shopping trips.  Yea, it's like that!  LOL


 May Panama 169
                     Another thing we noticed, now that we are in Panama City of course is the variety in food.  We've been having a field day here cooking so we haven't been out too much checking out the restaurants but there is definitely an International flair here and it's fun to check out all the options we have at our fingertips.  One thing I appreciate is the amount of Japanese places they have.  Sushi Express and Sushi Itto are all around town.  Though this is a chain, being able to escape to a place that has wasabi and curry flavors is amazing.  We even splurged at a nice Japanese Sushi Restaurant for Justin's 24th Birthday called Matsuei.  Other than that there are a lot of options to always keep it interesting here.

                               This past weekend was full of social networking and party events.  It's like our social May Panama 218calendar went from empty to way too much to do in one night to be able to handle.  I'd say we tired ourselves out Friday and Saturday nights leaving our Sunday pretty tired/hungover.  It's a small world down here in Panama especially with expat events and parties.  They all seem to know eachother here and really like to drink.  Saturday night at the Super Gourmet in Casco Viejo there was a party and it was pretty tame until one of the guys, a friend of the owner brought out two bottles of Jose Cuervo and was feeding shots to everyone from an 80 year old Scottish woman to some Panamanian Cougar women.  They were freak dancing in the corner and having what seemed to be a very fun drunken dance party. May Panama 222 As surprised as you may be, I did not partake in either the tequila shots or the dancing....I know, I know, this isn't the Mara you might think you know but I really don't think that getting that drunk in a foreign country in an area with some iffy streets still is a really good idea.  I'm not saying I didn't rock out later in the night but then was not the time nor the place.  Anyway, enough explanation, I turned into my super bitch mode/motherly character and told the guy to STOP with the tequila shots, and that what he was doing was irresponsible because those women were obviously blacked out and over served.  He apologized and took care of it.  I saw them later get into a car with a DD and it was a happy ending as far as I know.

                     Anyway, from there we had an awesome night meeting up with Dave, Dan, Meredith, and Jacob at May Panama 231Luna's Castle.  Luna's Castle Hostel is opening up most likely next weekend a bar downstairs in what looks like to be a Cavern Pub.  It's really nice with a huge bar and dark lit lighting.   We hung out there for a bit and then rocked out later on Calle UraMay Panama 239guay in a few clubs.  Lots of dancing, drinking and laughter.

May Panama 232

      As I said, Sunday we were pretty spent so we didn't get all too much done but are currently working on a Business card (Justin and I realize how essential that is when you are out meeting people...DUH!  LOL), as well as setting up more meetings with some realtors and future business prospects.  Things are going really well so that's positive news.  Time is getting down to the wire and of course we are nervous about getting things started but we have a lot of faith and our enthusiasm and excitement are being recognized by everyone that we meet.  That positive reinforcement is helping out immensely.  We have classes here in Panama City until Thursday of this week then plan to head to Boquete for two weeks.  We are going to live the mountain life after having a month at the beaches in Bocas and two and a half weeks here in the City.  I hope all is well back home!  Besos a todos! 

Amor, Mara

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