Friday, January 16, 2009

Leaving the day I turn 23

I did it on purpose, as cheesy as it sounds to make sure that I left for Panama on my 23rd birthday. January 26th, at 5 something AM I will start my journey and next chapter of my life. I've decided after finishing school in New York City that I need a change from the city and a change from normalcy. Not that anything I've done in my past has been normal, but since graduating and living at home in Maryland, I've had a taste of what the real world is and decided it's most likely not for me. I'm not knocking it for the people that have it, nor saying I won't want it in a few years, but right now I have no idea where I belong and that is what I'm off to discover.
Why Panama? Well, in all honesty it could be anywhere warm with an interesting culture but Panama has some of the comforts of being semi-close to home, (4 hour flight to DC), is relatively safe in most places, uses the American dollar, and has a surprisingly stable government for Latin America. I see potential there for a lot of reasons that I'm off to find out if I can be a part of what Panama has to offer in the future.
I'm not sure if I am going to be keeping up with this whole blogging thing like some of my other friends who have had AMAZING blogs but I definitely think I am going to try. At the moment I am home and just figuring out where I am going to stay and what my plans are so I have no stories to tell or even concrete facts to state. All I do know is that I am ready, I am ready for what's to come, the people I will encounter, and to head where the wind blows me.

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  1. best of luck....with blogging and the adventurous and WONDERFUL start of NEW things post january 26th.

    pretty cool that both you and your ma stepped into the blogosphere at the same time!

    I look forward to reading (and seeing) about what's to come....

    so now when are a&a gonna get with the program! tee hee!

    and as a die hard dylan fan, I love that you have named your blog 'blowing in the wind' - sweet!