Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meeting and Greeting

Life is such an adventure especially in Panama. Just walking the streets around town you get that big city feeling with a unique mix of poor, rich, nature, and concrete. I like the mix and I like the vibe. With the obvious construction EVERYWHERE it's a little dirty in places but you can definitely see how much this city is changing day to day. It is cosmopolitan in areas with high end shopping malls (multiplaza with Fendi, Cartier, and Carolina Herrerra stores) and a few blocks away you have some of the poorest shanty neighborhoods that probably won't last much longer due to the sought after land by the water where they are located. It's pretty cool and very interesting to speak to people who have lived here and experienced this change.

Today I got to see the condo, Pacific Sky unit 12D where my parents bought. It's so beautiful with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and all the ships waiting to go through the canal. I'm pretty excited about this because I think I am going to be a big part in decorating this place and trick it out to my style and liking.

Last night I hung out with Jaime again, got to meet his wonderful girlfriend and a bunch of his close friends. They all seem incredibly nice and excited that I am here in their country to try out living and working. It seems as though they are all doing pretty awesome things for themselves and want only the best for their country. It's so nice to see the patriotism they have and the wishes they have for their country. I'm all for meeting other people my age who have the drive to do something politically, environmentally, and socially for the better. The continuation of optimism is such a nice feeling coming from Obama's inauguration to a place where I see so much potential and people willing to devote their lives to make a difference.

I haven't had much of an actual vacation feeling being here. From the moment I've got off the plane I've been meeting so many different people in the real estate business, property management, expats who are investors, and local Panamanian friends. It's pretty incredible. Ideas have been flying through my head like crazy on many things to do.

Right now I know that I want to be here and that is all I am sure about. I love the culture, the country, and even though the heat is intense at times, the weather is pretty incredible with an ocean breeze as a constant savior. I'm really looking forward to the weekend to have a little down time and possiby get out of the city and see a little rainforest and nature. Then, Monday, it's off to the beach! : )

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  1. good to read that pc feels like a place you want to live and work in!! maybe 23 is the magical year for you! magic is the art of making things happen - so you can make it happen!