Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Panama City Day One

I've made it to Panama City! I didn't really sleep Sunday night. Excitement to leave, anticipation, and celebration was more of my concern before leaving for the airport Monday morning at 3:30AM. My 23rd Birthday was absolutely wonderful minus the whole being exhausted and tired part. Landing here in Panama City from Washington, DC was a drastic change but I'm surely not complaining about it.
We're staying in a nice apartment in Punta Paitilla. It's on the 20th floor and filled with bright colors and happy decor. My parents, who are with me decided it would be a good idea to rent out an apartment here for a week instead of doing the whole hotel/hostel thing to get a feel for what it is really like to live here. I can honestly say that I love this area of the city! It's very high end with the Multi Plaza mall near by and Punta Pacifica across the street (most expensive high end area of Panama City/Panama the country).
The man we are renting from, his name is David is an expat who is originally from Portland, Oregon, lived in San Diego for some time, and now, since 2005 has lived in Panama City. He probably speaks less Spanish than me and has no trouble living here. He loves the city, the sunshine, the people, and his amazing 4,000 sq. ft. apartment in Punta Pacifica (who wouldn't?). He spent much of the day with us yesterday after picking us up from the airport in his fancy BMW SUV. I think he might be a little lonely because he was all about hanging out with us. I don't blame him though, we're pretty awesome to hang out with, but I was SO TIRED after the flight and lack of sleep that once he finally peaced I took about a 3 hour nap in my own very chilly airconditioned bedroom. My parents, on the other hand stayed up, walked around, and met with our property manager that is taking care of the Pacific Sky condo across the street that they recently purchased. I was also lucky in the fact that I was the only one to receive my bags at the airport. My mom and dad's didn't make it on the plane and hopefully they will be arriving today sometime soon. Ok, I am rambling and don't know how to do this whole blog thing. I need to know how to pick and choose what to write because I probably could go on and on.
Ok, briefly, after I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvanated my parents were back from their day looking a little worn. I rallied them up to at least do a nice dinner for my birthday and meet my friend Jaime who lives in the area. They did, thank god and we found a Sushi restaraunt a block away and had a fabulous dinner, drinks, and company! : ) My friend Jaime found his way and hung out with us for a bit. He's awesome and I am really looking forward to hanging out with him this week and in the future to come! Alright, I'm done for now. Sorry if you are bored lol.

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