Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Hiatus

Being back in the states for a week has definitely given me a really good understanding of what my friendships and family relationships mean in my life. After furnishing the condo completely just in the nick of time to catch our flight out last Thursday night, I realized how much I missed and longed to see my friends. While away this past month I kept in contact through skype and facebook to some friends and family and realized how important communication is to keeping up with friendships and relationships. Some people call it work, and it is, because you must be cognizant of it but I couldn’t help missing some people and wanting to chat with the people I love from afar. I’m not really sure where I am going with this but basically I am just acknowledging how great it is to realize how special someone is in your life. It’s a warm feeling and something that I actually love to have while traveling.

I think my one month in Panama was efficient timewise in getting what I wanted to accomplish done. Not only the tasks of furnishing the condo, language school, meeting people, etc, but mostly it was the feeling that I got from it. From traveling the country, meeting the people, getting the vibes that I did from being there, I felt confident that this is right.

When I go back on March 23rd, I plan to live in Panama City as of right now. I was offered to live with my friend’s cousin in Coco del Mar in Panama City. I think I am going to take that offer if it still stands when I hear back from him and live in a really nice two bedroom apartment overlooking the water near where my good friend Jaime lives and a bunch of his friends. If that doesn’t work out I have a few other ideas of places to live but as of right now I like the idea of living with someone who my friend knows well.

Being back in the States, I feel like time is surreal because I’m living this month as a wanderer traveling around from state to state visiting friends and family. I’ve just returned from one week visiting friends in NYC and CT. It was an absolutely amazing trip and I’m pretty much on cloud nine at the moment. : ) I’m in such a good place in my life right now, even though I don’t really know the direction it’s going. I think that sort of excitement; the excitement of the unknown is the most amazing part of it.

I have a Boston Semester at Sea Reunion coming up March 12-16th. This is going to be the one big shebang party that I have before I buckle down in Panama. Other than that, it’s enjoying my last few weeks of winter and family and friends. I most likely won’t be writing many blogs in the next month so this is my sign off. To the end of Winter, I salute you! Ciao for now…Mara.

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