Friday, February 6, 2009

Sloshing on Through

I say, if it's raining, go puddle jumping! Here in Bocas del Toro, it's been raining most the time torrential down pours. It's kind of ridiculous how one second it's a patch of blue skies and the next it's raining so hard you can't see much in front of you. Pretty much everyone here that is visiting, which is most the town is pretty bummed about this because with these conditions it makes it pretty difficult to take the water taxis to island hop. Red frog beach, starfish island, snorkeling, and some other tourist attractions that are famous in Bocas del Toro are pretty much impossible at the moment and have been apparently all week. BUT, for me, eh, I am really enjoying this hippy town as well as this charming little hotel right on the water. I wake up every morning about 7am to my room shaking due to the crashing of the waves against it. It's interesting the kind of vivid dreams I've been having during the night (all involve a tsunami wave in some way or another, lol). I get up, walk out my room, have an amazing breakfast that is provided free at the hotel (fresh watermelon, pinapple, bananas, as well as a choice of eggs, pancakes, french toast, cereal, yogurt, etc.). I enjoy these lazy mornings on the water. It's not a bad lifestyle, really, it isn't! hehe.....
Anyway, it's Friday and my mom and I have been here since Wednesday enduring the rain and all. It's really bearable yet a little dissappointing because I was looking forward to a little bit more sun before I head to Boquete tomorrow....(weather provided?). Apparently a bunch of roads are washed out in the Chiriqui province which is where we have to pass through to get to Boquete. During breakfast this morning two women that actually live in Boquete drove here to Bocas yesterday and said that it is drivable and actually offered my mom and I a ride tomorrow in their car so we shall see if we make it.
I've had a great time bumming around this town, jumping in puddles, buying some hippy bracelets, and eating some amazingly fresh fish on the water. All in all it's pretty great. I've met some cool people in the bars as well. Last night we went bar hopping to La Iguana, Mondo Taitu, and a few others. I met some New York chefs, some dudes from Minnieapolis, some girls from Austrailia and Europe, and a cool couple from Canada. I'm guessing, looking out on the porch today might be a repeat of yesterday which means try to do everything you can around this town, go in every shop, walk as far as you can, and see as many interesting shacks that you can. Then, after that all gets incredibly repeatative......Start the drinkin. lol, honestly, being muddy, torrential rain, live music you can hear in the streets, and being a little tipsy makes for one FUN evening! : )
So hopefully we can make it to Boquete tomorrow so I can have more interesting things to talk about! haha, but for now, i'm chillin. We have no tv or newspapers here so it's a little weird how I know nothing about what is going on at home. I guess in my absense the world goes on right? Well, I'm off to jump in some puddles....Ciao : )

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  1. Looks like a great time. Keep the fun updates coming!