Friday, February 13, 2009

Rainbows, Horses, and Hotsprings

Wouldn't ya know, it stopped raining, the sun came out, and life couldn't be any better. Boquete has turned into this place of magical beauty. My days here have been somewhat perfect. For example, I wake at 7am, have my coffee and oatmeal in my beautiful grand dining room while checking my e-mail on my notebook pc, go to 4 hours of Spanish class at Habla Ya language school literally a two minute walk from my hostel, have a lunch of fresh fruit for $2, go for a hike through the mountains, see rainbows, discover gardens, horseback ride, or swim in natural volcanic hotsprings. Of course there is homework but it's for the purpose of talking to the locals so I'm all for it. It's a little strange here and I think I am entranced in the beauty of it all but I really feel so content with this place. Everyone has this energy that is so positive and peaceful here. It's almost like living in heaven. Ok, I'm sounding really nutso and thankfully I'm peacing out back to Panama City tomorrow but I am really grateful I got to spend a full week in this place. It's unlike anywhere I've ever been. I'm definitely understanding the language a lot better as well, which was the purpose of coming here and taking language school.
I'm excited about tonight because I get to meet the family where my brother Adrian had a homestay last summer for 2 weeks while he was here. It's pretty funny because my class, which consists of me, my mother, and this guy Micheal are all going to be there. Micheal, who errie enough reminds me of Adrian is staying at that host family's house. The director at Habla Ya said that the parents of that family called their office and said that Micheal reminds them SO MUCH of Adrian. So tonight at 6:30 we're all having dinner at their house. After that it's out to one of the only nightlife places Boquete has to offer with some of the people from Habla Ya. If anyone knows me well they know that I love to go out, party, and dance, but weirdly enough here I've been so content with avoiding all that. I guess tonight I'll go for it but I would be really alright with just hanging out if that were the case.
This coming week is going to be anything but relaxing. My mom and I have a huge job to do in 5 days. We have to furnish the condo in Paitilla to get ready to rent out, meet with some realtors about future property investments, and I have about 3 interviews lined up for me to meet with potential job opportunities. I'm excited yet know it's going to be a little overwhelming coming from this place of tranquility.
My mom and I return to DC very late Thursday night. I'm coming back to Panama on March 23rd and with a tourist visa can only stay 3 months at a time. I've got a few places to live lined up but nothing permenant. I'll update all those boring details later. Everything is good and we've been having an amazing time here. I miss everyone and am interested to know what is going on in the States and with everyone else. Ciao for Now....Mara

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  1. wow what a gorgeous photo....glad to read things have been so 'perfect'...... things sounds very exciting...I expect this next month will fly by!