Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We left Panama City February 2nd...I don't think there are any groundhogs in Panama but summer is definitely here! I'm at the beach now and will be for the next week. Playa Blanca right now on the Pacific Coast and come Wednesday my father leaves back for DC and my mom and I continue our adventures to Bocas Del Toro on the Carribbean coast, then Boquete in the mountains for some language school, white water rafting, and possibly some horse back riding.
I love Panama City, and I'm such a city girl at heart but I think I have some spiritual calling for the beach. The beaches here on the Pacific are unbelievably gorgeous and actually a very close drive to Panama City. While hanging with our Panamanian developer friend John Moses the other day we toured through Coronado beach. Apparently there are a ton of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans that live in that part and there is a TON of opportunities for starting your own business. That's what I've seen as well in these beach towns that are already populated yet, don't have the simple ammentities that people want and need for spending relaxing times at their getaway comfortably. Right now ideas are running through my brain like wildfire and I have come up with one that I am particularly excited about doing and trying out. In the next week weeks here I am going to investigate some more of course, but with me, if I get excited about something and think I have the means to accomplish it, I'll make it happen. It's not my style to just kind of not follow through. With that said, I already have a name for my business thanks to my wonderful mother. Of course I would like my name to be in it and in espanol the word Maravilloso means wonderful/magnificant. Couldn't be better eh? : ) I can't explain how happy I've been here...It's like, whatever rut I was in for the past few months/years has somehow diminished and I've turned into this positive person, the one I remember I used to be.
Sooo, I'm going to take a risk with this I think...I've only been in Panama a little over a week but I think it will be great! Their way of doing things down here is definitely slow paced but that's just the Latin mentality. I think I can use my type A mentality to achieve and get ahead business wise but I think the slower pace will calm me down and help me enjoy life, which is NOT hard to do here (Check out some of the pictures I've posted on facebook to see). Anyhow, internet here at Playa Blanca kind of sucks in the sense that you have to pay for it so I am TRYING to limit myself but I somehow keep wanting to connect with the world. I will try to make rounds to call people on skype if I can but you know, "IT'S PANAMA!" lol, as they all say when things take way longer than they should or don't work out. Ciao


  1. Maravilloso! That's Mara&Panama I think.

  2. nah dad, Maravilloso means wonderful/magnificent. haha